Mori Bokhara

Mori Bokhara, very finely crafted in rich lustrous wool. Produced in 11/22 knotting density, it is the mysterious design from the ancient Turkoman-Cacuasian. Available in fine, super, medium and low qualities in all colors and sizes.


Weaved with hand spun wool which I dyed by natural extracted dyes. The colour ranges from soft muted tans and browns to rich coppers, deep maroons, and sage greens. Mostly produced in 10/10 9/9/ or 8/8 knotting density.


Originated in tribal areas of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Weaved with 100% finest-grade wool in both their knotting and their warp. Usually stand out for their gold, brown and copper coloration. Have deep midnight blue and forest green accents as well.

Blauchi, Tarbezi & Beljiq

Baluchi, Tabrezi and Beljiq are one of the finest quality precisions rugs. Weaved in thick pile with exceptional quality wool. These rugs are quiet expensive so demand is very low. Mostly produced in small size.

Persian Sutri

Sutri are knotted using the finest wool with knot counts ranging from 16/16 to 30/30.  The number of colours in each rug ranges from 15 to 20. Having unique themes, delicate patterning and vivid palette of colours, Sutri is one of the most beautiful carpets around the world.


Weaved since 19th Century. Kazak district was the most famous area, producing rugs with bold, geometric designs and using the best wool and dyes. Kazaks are double knot carpets, consisting of old traditional style that exudes from rich cultural heritage of central Asian states.


Gabbeh rugs are simple with a truly homespun feel. These are also known as modern hand knotted carpets because of their attractive patterns and textures of different colours. Gabbeh usually bright colours, such as yellow and red are used.


Jaldar is famous for its thick wool pile and beautiful sheen, and the feel of the wool is soft and velvety, with a very dense, hand-knotted pile. Normally distinguished by their characteristic red to red-brown background colour, with white, beige, black and blue are other colours commonly used.

Khal Muhhammadi

Khal Muhammadi are weaved in shade of dark red and blue, have geometric patterns, with a short clipped pile and high sheen.  These carpets are having highly lustrous finish, their usually clean, neat, and tidy appearance, flat-woven finish. Typically, they are heavier-bodied and finer-knotted than Red Afghan rugs.

Silk Touch

Silk Touch collection comprises of pieces from Persia, Turkey, China and the Kashmir. Mixture of wool and silk. Ivory Rose, Blue and Red are the dominating colour. These rugs are shinny in look and having some traditional Persian designs.

Red Afghan

Also known as Akcha, Red Afghans are warm and welcoming. The colors are dark, usually deep reds with dark blue or black used for detail. These have become very popular because of the pleasant colors, and reasonable prices.


Kelims are produced by tightly interweaving the warp and weft strands of the weave to produce a flat surface with no pile. These kelims are very soft, having modern designs, full of colours and very near to African tribal taste. In this category Turkish, Shashvani, Phusti and Chobi Kelims are also available.